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At Voodoo Village, our commitment to fostering inclusive expression and supporting charitable causes holds importance to us. This year, we collaborated with Mtattoo, a tattoo shop and collective of skilled artists, to offer a unique experience that goes beyond body art. Together, we aimed to create meaningful and sustainable tattoos while contributing to a cause close to our hearts.

Mtattoo: Artists of Inclusive Expression and Charity:

Mtattoo, a collective of skilled artists, is dedicated to inclusive expression and charitable efforts. Their diverse styles come together to create tattoos that hold deep personal meaning. For our festival, Mtattoo designed flash tattoos, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to adorn themselves with art while supporting a vital cause.

Giving Back to Vzw NIPPIE:

All proceeds from the flash tattoos at Voodoo Village were directed towards Vzw NIPPIE. Mtattoo went above and beyond, not charging for working hours or material costs. This partnership allowed us to extend our festival's impact beyond the grounds of Grimbergen, making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Vzw NIPPIE - A Noble Cause:

For those unfamiliar with Vzw NIPPIE, let's take a moment to understand the noble cause we supported. Established with the fundamental belief that every individual undergoing breast reconstruction deserves the right to a nipple, Vzw NIPPIE challenges the historical categorization of such procedures as "cosmetic surgery." Even today, individuals are left to fund their own tattooed nipples, highlighting the financial barriers to this essential aspect of recovery.

The Mission of Vzw NIPPIE:

Vzw NIPPIE is on a mission to ensure that nipples are not considered a luxury. Their work is twofold: providing high-quality, free-of-charge nipple tattoos to those in need and raising the necessary financial resources for this purpose. Their ultimate goal is to render themselves obsolete, advocating for government recognition and responsibility in including nipple and breast reconstruction as an integral package for reimbursement.

In supporting Vzw NIPPIE at Voodoo Village, we contributed to a cause that goes beyond aesthetics. Together, we empowered individuals on the journey to reclaim a sense of wholeness after facing the challenges of breast reconstruction. Since the activation at our festival, vzw NIPPIE received over 160 requests for new nipples.

As a community, let's continue to stand together, championing accessibility and dignity in every aspect of healthcare. If you have questions or wish to get involved, don't hesitate to contact us. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those on the path to recovery.


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