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Welcome to the Voodoo market, a vibrant oasis of color, peace, music, and dreams at the heart of the festival. The Voodoo Market is a place where you can immerse yourself in a beautiful world of unique objects, fabrics, and artisanal crafts, all infused with the distinctive Voodoo atmosphere. Here, you can browse handmade and one-of-a-kind clothing, jewelry, and other handcrafted items, or take a moment to relax with a massage. You can also have your fortune told through palm reading or tarot cards. The Voodoo Market is a place to discover treasures and indulge in a little self-care.



Rebel & the Gypsea is a Belgian fashion label founded in 2020 that combines minimal & timeless designs of handmade hats with colorful hatstraps in all kind of fabrics. They love to inspire their customers on a daily basis and focus on exploring the world with their hats.


BACHÌ was born from the collaboration of two best friends, uniting their personalities in a brand that reflects their vision. Baggy and Chique soon merged into the birth of their name 'BACHÌ'. With the help of a seasoned stylist, they overcame challenges in production and design, turning their dream into reality.


Mtattoo is part of Mcollectief, which is a tattoo shop and collective of skilled artists focused on inclusive expression and charitable efforts, combining various styles to create meaningful and sustainable tattoos.


At its core, Singula fuses eclectic styles to create premium, timeless pieces of jewelry that uniquely blend Chic-Rock-Ethnic elements, designed for both exceptional women and men.


Binôche, a Belgian brand, designs unique eyewear in Antwerp, crafted in France and Italy, celebrating 20 years of creating distinctive pieces that are more than just glasses - they're artistic eye-catchers.


The jaguar symbolizes freedom and strength, qualities that resonate with the brand's philosophy. They sell ponchos and sombreros which are meticulously crafted in Mexico from locally sourced, sustainable materials, reflecting a shared identity with this magnificent creature.


Kambo Inconditional sells Mexican accessories.


Nonsens combines vintage finds with elements from club culture and festivals, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces with a sustainability focus to challenge fast fashion norms. Their products include chloting and accessories.


Blue Moloko proudly unveils an exceptional range of sustainable products, including a water bottle bag, yoga gear carrier, and music speaker pouch. Each item is meticulously fashioned with ethical values and enduring design, seamlessly enriching everyday experiences, while leaving a positive environmental footprint.


GIMBER is more than just a drink. It's a lifestyle. It's the 100% natural fuel that elevates you to a higher level. It's the organic, ginger-spiced kick that brings out the best in you. A fiery heart with a sharp mind, that's what you get with every sip of their potent alcohol-free beverage.

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