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AV Show - Mathame

Voodoo Village is happy to announce that Mathame is coming to our festival with their latest audiovisual show, where sound and visuals are combined to create an immersive experience.

Visual effects like lighting, lasers, projections, motion graphics, etc. are synchronised with the audio of their set.

Mathame has managed to be one of the most recognisable and acclaimed acts of recent years. Their productions combine elements of cinema, literature and soundscape to create atmospheres that begin a unique sensory journey. With releases on labels such as Afterlife and B1, Mathame has positioned themselves as one of the leaders in the genre.

Mathame AV:Show is a new series of audiovisual events in which the Giovanelli brothers' musical lineage synchronises with spatial, futuristic and SCI-FI visual elements in general, hand in hand with incredible production and cutting-edge technology that make their set something totally innovative and unique within the electronic scene.


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