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KITTY AMOR will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Forest.


Kitty Amor, a multifaceted London-based artist, is renowned as a DJ, producer, label owner, promoter, and activist, promoting African and African-influenced electronic music globally. With a wealth of experience, she's performed at prestigious venues and festivals worldwide, showcasing her passion for her craft. Kitty's debut solo record in 2023 marked the launch of Mahaba Music, her label under Defected, providing a platform for both her music and emerging talents. Notably, her collaboration "Solitude" exemplifies her Afro-Tech sound, while "I Saw An Angel" achieved major-label recognition. South Africa holds a special place in her heart, influencing her career and fostering collaborations with local artists like Black Coffee and Da Capo. Beyond performances, Kitty amplifies her voice through radio appearances and writing columns for DJ Mag, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in the music industry, especially for marginalized communities. Her mission extends to creating inclusive spaces like Motherland parties, aiming to inspire others and pave the way for future African electronic music talents. Be part of Kitty Amor’s movement at The Forest on Sunday, September 8th.



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