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KiNK (live) will play on Saturday 7th of September at the Observatory.


KiNK (Strahil Velchev), a Bulgarian techno producer, is famed for his live shows where he masterfully manipulates analog synthesizers to craft spontaneous and dynamic music performances. His work, which playfully traverses house, techno, and acid genres, echoes the improvisation of jazz and the energy of early rave culture. Since gaining global recognition in 2008, KiNK has toured extensively and remixed for notable artists while releasing on major labels like Ovum and Rush Hour, with hits like "Cloud Generator" and albums such as "Playground." Growing up isolated from the club scene in Sofia, Bulgaria, Velchev embraced dance music through synthesizers and software, heavily influenced by Detroit, Chicago, and UK sounds. He co-founded the pBPM collective to spotlight Bulgarian electronic music and made a significant impact with releases and notable collaborations. His touring and musical output expanded over the years, showcasing a range from straightforward acid house to experimental solo projects. With the launch of Sofia Records in 2018, KiNK continued to push musical boundaries, culminating in the high BPM "Hyper Epic" EP in 2022, highlighting his evolving exploration of techno and beyond. KiNK will be performing live at The Forest on Saturday, September 7th.



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