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ENRICO SANGIULIANO will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Shelter.


If you've explored the realm of Techno, you've likely encountered Enrico Sangiuliano, a pivotal figure in modern dance music from Emilia. His discography is a testament to enduring chart-toppers and future classics. Beyond his recording success, Sangiuliano's live performances have captivated and inspired, marking him as one of the most genuine and well-rounded talents in the scene. Venturing into new territory, Sangiuliano has recently introduced his transient record label, NINETOZERO, and the accompanying SOLO event series, marking a bold step in sound design. With deep narratives at the heart of his work, his latest project challenges the permanence of music, embracing a fleeting approach that urges listeners to engage with music in new ways. The SOLO series, in particular, offers a fresh lens on his DJ persona, bringing the transient essence of NINETOZERO to life through a series of all-night events that celebrate the fleeting beauty of club culture. Enrico will be engulfing you in his energy at The Shelter on Sunday, September 8th.



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