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DJ BORING will play on Sunday at the Observatory. 


DJ BORING, also known as Tristan Hallis, defies his mundane pseudonym with vibrant, energizing performances fueled by pure passion. Rapidly ascending in the music scene, he captivates audiences with impeccable selections and high-quality productions. Hallis prides himself on his digging capabilities, unearthing hidden gems from the past and seamlessly blending them with contemporary cuts. From his debut with 'Winona' in 2016, he has showcased his talent on various platforms, including BBC Radio 1 and Boiler Room. In the studio, his contemporary sound pays homage to dance music's roots, infused with his energetic personality and human touch. DJ BORING embodies the essence of club culture, fostering positive energy, unity, and self-expression. With plans for a live show and album project on the horizon, his career is poised for further success and innovation. Do not miss DJ BORING at The Forest on Saturday, September 7th.



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