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DARIA KOLOSOVA will play on Saturday 7th of September at the Observatory.


Daria Kolosova, with 12 years of DJ experience and a passion for electronic music, hails from Lutugino, Ukraine. Introduced to music by her father, she fell in love with electronic beats at 9, catalyzing her journey. Despite piano studies, she embraced DJing, performing in Lugansk and beyond, hosting her parties. Inspired by Kyiv's scene, she relocated, becoming a resident DJ at Keller, launching Materia parties. Transitioning to her real name, she soared, headlining clubs worldwide, collaborating with superstar DJ Nastia, touring globally and joining the NECHTO label. Now a rising star, she plays in esteemed venues, aiming not to meet expectations but to share personal narratives through eclectic techno sets, blending genres for dynamic performances. Daria continues to inspire and innovate, with upcoming tours and a commitment to authentic musical storytelling. Experience this eclectic show at The Observatory on Saturday, September 7th.



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