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BIIA will play on Saturday 7th of September at the Shelter.


BIIA, an electronic music artist by heart, is a soul driven by emotional exploration, and this profound curiosity resonates throughout her creative journey. With her heart immersed in the realm of electronic music, she ventures into uncharted territories, weaving a tapestry of self-expression that defies conventional norms. In her electronic journey, she embraces a multitude of influences, skillfully blending diverse approaches to techno. Her musical narratives are dynamic and impactful, fusing the raw, relentless beats reminiscent of the 90s with an array of distinctive sounds. Occasionally, she ventures beyond the confines of techno, incorporating elements from different genres, enriching her compositions with a captivating diversity. Join BIIA on this electrifying adventure at The Shelter on Saturday, September 7th.



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