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MILO SPYKERS will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Shelter.


Those who have witnessed Milo Spykers behind the decks understand the powerful and affectionate experience he delivers. Emerging from the gritty Antwerp underground, Milo has captivated ravers' attention with his love for music, whether electronic or not. With a deep appreciation for Belgium's rich club culture, Milo's journey began as a teenager, traveling across the country to immerse himself in international house and techno scenes. Inspired by endless nights in Berlin clubs, Milo decided to pursue a career in music without any formal training, driven solely by his passion and curiosity. Graduating from college, he dedicated a year to honing his craft, leading to his debut EP on Lenske Records and subsequent releases on various labels. Milo's sets blend 90s and contemporary techno, influenced by rave, trance, and EBM, all delivered with high energy and a penchant for surprising the dancefloor. A resident of the Exhale party series, Milo now graces influential clubs across Europe and is venturing into new artistic endeavors with his Accelerator platform, showcasing emerging techno talent while honoring industry legends. Keep an eye on Milo Spykers and Accelerator for what's next in their creative journey.




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