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ADIEL will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Shelter.


Adiel, renowned for captivating DJ sets that steer crowds into deep ecstasy, launching her own label, Danza Tribale in 2016, and aiming to create a space for techno that's both obscure and profound, wild yet sophisticated. Her EP 'Ritmo' and subsequent releases like 'Tokyo' and 'Cavallina' with Donato Dozzy showcase her knack for crafting mesmerizing techno landscapes. Collaborating with Anthony Linell on Danza Tribale in February 2020 further cemented her presence in the techno scene. Adiel's prowess as both DJ and producer has landed her gigs at esteemed venues like Berghain and festivals such as Dekmantel and Off Sonar, with upcoming performances set for ADE, Afterlife in Ibiza, and Fabric in London. You can witness her performance at the Shelter on Sunday, September 8th.



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