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PARTIBOI69 will play on Saturday 7th of September at the Observatory.


Partiboi69 isn't concerned with titles like spiritual leader or prophet; his focus lies in spreading digital affection and delivering electrifying 69 techniques directly to your senses. Known online as a symbol of mutual love and the enigma of the Australian underground scene, Partiboi69 lives up to his reputation without compromise. As the head of Mutual Pleasure records and Stingboi Productions, he merges state-of-the-art computer graphics with Electro Dank, Ghetto Freak, and K-Tech sounds, providing a glimpse into his intricate mind. In his world, comfort and style reign supreme, no stimulant is off-limits, and pleasure is always mutual. His tracks like "Freaky Dreamz" and "Magnificent," along with his visually stunning live mix broadcasts, exemplify this ethos, mirroring the visually and aurally gratifying experience akin to 69ing.




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