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LPV will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Shelter.


Emerging from the lively Sicilian scene, LPV makes a bold entrance with his unique blend of EBM, Industrial, and Acid Techno. Influenced by the likes of Terence Fixmer, CJ Bolland, and Chris McCormack, LPV's journey into techno began in his teenage years under his father's guidance, sparking a passion for vinyl collecting and bedroom mixing. As his passion intensified, LPV ventured into music production, landing releases on esteemed labels like Monnom Black, Crisis of Man, and Carbone Records. Garnering support from industry heavyweights like Dax J, Thomas P. Heckmann, and Fred Umwelt, LPV showcased his distinctive techno vision in a recent HÖR set on March 21, 2024.




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