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BLOND:ISH will play on Saturday 7th of September at the Yard.


To Vivie-ann, being BLOND:ISH is about more than being a DJ. It’s all about ENERGY and taking her fans to ‘Happy Happy World’, a road paved with music, wellness, eco-activism and tech - all with a healthy dose of magic. A DJ, producer, record label head, environmental activist and Web3 entrepreneur, she breaks down traditional barriers between artist and fan, uniting her community through pillars of purpose. As a DJ, BLOND:ISH creates sounds that are meant to heighten your senses, open your heart and make you feel good. Transcending typical genres, her expert selections are transformative - be it live or recorded. As an entrepreneur, she helms a Web3 investment fund and is on the cutting edge of the space. As a philanthropist, she has spearheaded the launch of Bye Bye Plastic, a charity dedicated to eliminating plastic waste at festivals and venues. As a human, BLOND:ISH is dedicated to loving all and creating inclusive atmospheres that take people to Happy Happy World.




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