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NADAV DAGON (360 Live)

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NADAV DAGON (360 Live) will play on Saturday 7th of September at the Oracle.


Nadav Dagon is an electronic artist and producer renowned for his mesmerizing live performances, where he crafts dynamic electronic sets within immersive 360-degree shows. Utilizing samplers, drum machines, hybrid drum kits, percussion, and an array of instruments, he conjures a vast playground of tribal sounds, enchanting vocals, and infectious rhythms. His distinct creations have found homes on esteemed labels like Rumors, Kanto Records, and Nomade Records. In 2022, Nadav launched his own musical collective and label, "Circle Of Dreams," curating concept events that offer immersive dancefloor experiences. Touring globally, he enthralls audiences in vibrant locales such as Berlin, Amsterdam, and Rio de Janeiro, drawing inspiration from his encounters with diverse cultures and the natural world, translating these experiences into captivating melodies and rhythms.




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