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ODRIK will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Forest.


Odrik, a distinctive DJ, has captivated audiences with his impeccable music selection. His passion for music began in kindergarten, where his natural rhythm was recognized, leading to his enrollment in music classes. Influenced by artists like The Communards, Sade, and Miles Davis, his musical style is deeply rooted in these early experiences. Odrik also pursued a career in fashion, interning at L'Art De L'Automobile, where he was inspired by the music scenes and events in Paris. His move to London further fueled his interest in electronic underground club scenes, prompting him to spend countless hours in the studio. In 2020, he founded Cloud9, a concept that combines music, art, and fashion. Collaborating with organizations and sharing stages with renowned DJs, Odrik continues to innovate and leave a lasting impression on the dance floor.

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