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Get ready for Voodoo Village 2023! We've got you covered with 4 exclusive Spotify playlists from our biggest stages: The Yard, The Forest, The Shelter and The Observatory.

All songs and remixes are from the artists performing at the festival. Whether you're into soulful beats, heart-pumping electronic rhythms, heavy techno or groovy house, Voodoo Village has something to satiate every musical palate. Follow our playlists now and get in the Voodoo Village mood!

Our playlists:

Dear souls,

We're excited to invite you to "Floris" - a culinary experience that celebrates the harmony of flavors inspired by nature's finest ingredients.

Here’s a sneak peek of our menu:

While Shifts 1 and 2 on Saturday are already booked, you still have the chance to reserve your spot for Shift 3 on Saturday and both Sunday shifts.

Saturday Shifts:

  • Shift 1: 12h-14h (Sold Out)

  • Shift 2: 14h30-16h30 (Sold Out)

  • Shift 3: 16h30-18h30

Sunday Shifts:

  • Shift 1: 12h-14h

  • Shift 2: 14h30-16h30

The price per person is €175, which includes a small selection of wines and soft drinks. Gather your group of 2, 4, 6, or even 10, and secure your table online! If you're planning a larger group gathering or if you need an invoice, simply reach out to us at As a friendly reminder, please note that a festival ticket is required to enter the restaurant and it's not included in the price of the restaurant reservation.


Led by two renowned Belgian chefs, Michelin star chef Mallory Gabsi and Chef Paul Delrez, Floris promises a delightful journey through flavors and textures that embrace the best of what nature has to offer.


See you at Floris et bon appétit!

We are thrilled to announce the participation of 4 extraordinary international stage hosts at Voodoo Village. Each host will bring their own respective music genre and artists, ranging from melodic and deep techno to house and disco tunes. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds and unforgettable atmospheres created by these renowned hosts from around the world.

1. Brunch - The Yard

Brunch is a legendary event series that has taken Barcelona by storm. This year they will host our mainstage, The Yard, on Saturday. Their vibrant community is dedicated to fostering positive changes in the world and their mission is to share joy through the bonds of friendship and cutting-edge electronic music, all within exceptional settings. Brunch is a place where everyone can truly be themselves and experience the freedom to express their unique selves.

This year, at The Yard, they are bringing a number of big names in the melodic techno scene such as Mathame and Colyn, but Massano, Olympe and Sona will also be present. Mathame will even perform with their newest AV show.

2. Life and Death - The Forest

Life and Death is not just a record label, it's a movement. Known for exploring the emotional and melancholic shades of house and techno. They have cultivated a devoted following around the world. The common thread that links everyone involved in Life and Death is a shared passion for curating soulful dance music with a post-rock aesthetic, resulting in a distinctive sound that resonates with a wide audience.

The label's artists are not confined to a particular genre or style, but rather focus on creating a genuine connection with their listeners through their music. Life and Death events are carefully curated to provide immersive experiences where music enthusiasts can come together and connect on a deeper level.

On Saturday, The Forest will this year be blessed with an enchanting line-up curated by Life and Death. They are set to present an impressive array of globally acclaimed artists including DJ Tennis, Moodymann, Jayda G, and Hunee. Moreover, the line-up is complemented by talented local artists such as Lola Haro and Rick Baguette B2B Rozevelt.

3. All Day I Dream - The Observatory

All Day I Dream is a musical journey that evokes beauty, emotion, and introspection. Founded by Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay, this iconic event series began on a Brooklyn rooftop in 2011 and has since grown into an international sensation. Prepare to be swept away by the signature technicolor emotionalism that sets them apart. All Day I Dream explores beautiful, emotional and melancholic shades of House and Techno through its label's releases, events and artists.

On Saturday, Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay, will bring their friends to The Observatory.

Viken Arman, Lost Dessert, Amonita, Tommy Raffa and Hermanez will all join Voodoo Village and complete the All Day I Dream line-up.

4. The Gardens of Babylon - The Forest

On Sunday, The Forest will be presented by The Gardens of Babylon, creating an ideal fusion with Voodoo Village in terms of theme and atmosphere. The Gardens of Babylon shares a mystical and enchanting ambiance, making it a perfect match to attract an audience interested in alternative and spiritual experiences. Get ready to immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere where music and spirituality intertwine, immersing yourself in the best melodic techno artists.

They will bring you none other than Jan Blomqvist who will perform live. The Forest will also be graced with WhoMadeWho who will bring you a ‘Hybrid DJ Set’, where one of the trio will be playing a DJ set while one of the bandmates complements the music with improvised singing, keys and effects. Desiree, Madmotormiquel, Parallelle, Philou and M.O.S. complete the line-up on Sunday.

Join us as we celebrate the power of music and the unity it brings. These four exceptional stage hosts will curate unforgettable experiences, combining incredible music with mesmerizing atmospheres, each with their own unique vision and style. Stay tuned for further updates on the line-up and schedule. We can't wait to share this unforgettable journey with you!

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