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MARLON HOFFSTADT b2b MALUGI will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Obervatory.


Marlon Hoffstadt and MALUGI are not only friends but also collaborators in the dance music scene. Their shared passion for music led to the creation of Club Heart Broken, a label and party series that has become a staple in Berlin's nightlife. Marlon Hoffstadt, also known as DJ Daddy Trance, is Berlin's first dad with a buggy full of bangers. At 29, this DJ, producer, and family man is celebrated for his diverse musical style. Some describe his sound as trance, others as hard house, but everyone agrees that his hard-hitting basslines and addictive melodies transport listeners to a realm of musical ecstasy. MALUGI is a dynamic force in Berlin's vibrant club scene, infusing glitzy pop, trance, house, and Eurodance into his sets. As a DJ and producer, MALUGI exudes charisma, captivating dance floors whether performing solo or in a B2B set with his friends from Club Heart Broken. This dynamic duo will be performing together, showcasing their unique blend of energy and musical prowess. Don't miss their unforgettable set at The Observatory on Sunday, September 8th.



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