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KOBOYO will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Shelter.


A key figure in the Exil Paris collective, Koboyo brings the Berlin techno ethos and his decade-long dedication to hypnotic techno to our midst. With a background as Artistic Director of musical events, his passion for electronic music shines through in his eclectic sets, blending infectious rhythms and dynamic percussion. Drawing from his influences in old-school Techno and the sounds of Detroit and Berlin, Koboyo elevates the energy and captivates his audience with his hypnotic groove. From closing for Marcel Dettmann at Glazart Paris to performing alongside Cleric in Warsaw, Koboyo has left his mark on the techno scene. With regular appearances at Exil Paris and recent b2b sessions with Hicham, Koboyo continues to evolve and surprise in the techno industry.


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