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HEIDI (Ecstatic Dance)

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HEIDI (ECSTATIC DANCE) will play on Saturday 7th of September at the Oracle.


After many years of experiencing ecstatic dance as a dancer - and later also as an organizer - Heidi felt the calling to color the dance floor as a DJ. Sharing gifts with the world through sounds and vibrations, supporting people in dancing and expressing themselves through their bodies. Rich variations of rhythms such as tribal, classical, retro-house, techno, bass, trance, shamanic tunes, … Traveling through the dance of life. Ecstatic Dance is a form of authentic movement, held within a container of “no booze, no shoes, no chitchat”, supported by a certified ecstatic dance Dj. "We start all together in a collective and guided warm-up which leads us into the dance journey. From there, the space is open to move the way you feel. Let your body do the talking. You might find yourself rolling, jumping, meditating, dancing on your own or in contact with others, cheering along the music, standing still, running, …"

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