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GOLFOS (Dennis Cruz b2b Pawsa)_1_1.jpg

GOLFOS (DENNIS CRUZ B2B PAWSA) will play on Saturday 7th of September in the Forest.


GOLFOS is a fresh party, record label and DJ concept from two of the leading names in the underground house and tech scene, Dennis Cruz and PAWSA. 


Dennis Cruz, one of the pillars of the house and tech community, is a DJ and producer who continually sets trends with his fresh sounds and has countless awards and nominations to prove it.


PAWSA is a London-based DJ, producer and co-owner of recordlabel Solid Grooves. He writes stripped-down and straightforward tech-house tracks, strictly reserved for the dancefloor. 


Driven by love for music and building parties for the community, GOLFOS is guaranteed to make you dance. Prepare yourself for intoxicating basslines, driving grooves and energetic vocal samples. Make sure you don’t miss out on this party at The Forest on Saturday, September 7th.



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