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evin b2b ferrari rot

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evin b2b ferrari rot will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Observatory.


evin and ferrari rot, co-founders of Dimenzione Danza, will be performing together, promising an electrifying musical journey. evin, known for her refined approach to DJing, brings two halves of unhinged fun as the other half of Dimenzione Danza. As a resident of Club Heart Broken, she seamlessly blends progressive house, trance, and techno, creating sonic experiences that bridge generations and ignite the dancefloor with timeless euphoria. evin’s seductive basslines and ecstatic directness hit you straight in your core, putting the dancefloor at the center of her endeavors. So go ahead and get baptized in that bass, babes. With a selection that is both ruthless and playful, ferrari rot always turns the dancefloor into a race track. She follows a strict equal opportunity approach when employing different genres of dance music in her DJ sets: From hypnotic grooves to hard-hitting beats, ferrari rot’s commitment lies in connecting the dots distinctively, making for a euphoric experience that is bound to get your engine running – so let’s ride. Together, evin and ferrari rot promise to deliver an unforgettable performance that will leave you enthralled and energized. Don’t miss the chance to experience their energy on the dancefloor!


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