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evin b2b DHC

evin b2b DHC.jpg


evin b2b DHC will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Observatory.


Prepare for an electrifying set as evin and DHC join forces for a B2B DJ performance at Voodoo Village. DHC brings fierce, passionate energy with grooves spanning house, trance, and progressive beats. Known for their dynamic sets at Panorama Bar and Bassiani, DHC’s sound is bass-driven and vocally rich.

evin, a key player in Dimenzione Danza and resident of Club Heart Broken, seamlessly blends progressive house, trance, and techno. Her sets feature seductive basslines and a timeless euphoria that bridges generations.

Together, evin and DHC promise a captivating and high-energy experience that will ignite the dancefloor. Don’t miss this powerful fusion of styles at Voodoo Village!



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