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DANGEROUS DREAMING will play on Sunday 8th of September at the Observatory.


From the stage to the studio and behind the scenes, Dangerous Dreaming’s influence is extensive. He launched his project with two joint EPs alongside Marlon Hoffstadt and has since become a pivotal figure at the Club Heart Broken record label, serving as its creative director and a leading artist. In this role, he has propelled the label’s momentum while producing music for his self-titled series. With acclaimed mixes and releases like ‘Take Me Higher,’ ‘Power Pulse,’ and ‘Come Tempt Me,’ he has carved out a unique and distinct sound, crafted for dreamers on the dance floor. Dangerous Dreaming's music, positioned between house, prog, trance, and percussion-heavy techno, is described as 'the soundtrack to sleepless nights in the heart of the city.' This distinctive approach has led to performances at prestigious shows across Europe and Australia and set the stage for his debut release on Club Heart Broken in the summer of 2024.


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