The chefs of Voodoo Village


After his success in France and his shows on VTM & Vitaya, Wout is now living a new adventure. He is leading the gastronomic department of“La Petite Merveille”, which includes “Le sanglier des Ardennes” and “La Bru’sserie”. Wout and his team are still bringing the “classics” ofgastronomy with playful and original touch, giving you an explosion of flavors and culinary pleasure.


Known from the Butcher’s Store, he has left his mark in the butcher’s world. For years he has been an acknowledged butcher in Hove and well-known beyond! His love for his products is unprecedented. Whether it is a noble piece of meat or just the opposite, quality is the key. Sometimes trying to reinforce the taste sensations of the products he uses, but always with the needed respect. Luc just loves to innovate: take for instance that time he combined coffee and chocolate with carpaccio! He was rewarded with a Superior Taste Award for it. On top of that, Luc also has a European acknowledgement for dry aged meat.