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&ME and ADAM PORT (KEINEMUSIK) will play on Sunday 8th of September in the Forest.


Keinemusik is a name familiar to all music lovers and nightlife enthusiasts. Driven by the spirit to find your own agenda and let nobody get in the way. The spirit of refining House and Techno off the beaten path. The spirit to unite all, through the power of music. This is the energy you can expect this year from &ME and Adam Port as they return to The Forest on Sunday, September 8th.


As a man of humbleness,  he doesn’t need introductions, because he lets the music speak for itself. Berlin based DJ and producer &ME is a name that resonates through every house and techno conversation. His DIY-approach to handle things, his easy going attitude, his ability to link innovative production with consensual reception make him one of the most unique figures in the game.


Adam Port, an artist that lives up to the definition. Landing a string of much noticed releases on various powerful labels, he’s been building a foundation that will stay around for a while. 

With the world fixing its attention on Adam, he chose to follow his own path: maintaining artistic integrity, releasing records that reflect where his love for music is at in one moment, and keeping DJ-sets not only interesting to the crowd, but also himself.



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