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AMÉMÉ will play on Saturday 7th of September at the Yard.


AMÉMÉ, a West African native, infuses his music and life with a profound connection to his cultural roots and ancestry. His visionary leadership drives One Tribe, a global community focused on unity and positivity. Specializing in Afro-leaning electronic music, his DJ sets blend tribal percussion and spiritual vocals with contemporary deep house and tech. AMÉMÉ's music gained support from influential figures like Black Coffee, leading to signings with labels like Watergate Records and Abracadabra. He remixes tracks, like Omah Lay's "Understand," infusing them with his unique heritage. Inspired by Benin's voodoo traditions, AMÉMÉ's early life shaped his musical journey, from childhood mixtape competitions to hip-hop success and later exposure to French house. Moving to New York and later Berlin, he honed his DJ skills and founded One Tribe, branching into events and fashion. With strategic planning and genuine passion, AMÉMÉ's career continues to soar, uniting global communities through music, destined for lasting influence. Amémé will be performing at The Yard on Saturday, September 7th.



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